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Most businesses end in failure, broken dreams and in many cases, uncertain, stressful, and unfulfilled lives. Unfortunately, there are too many entrepreneurs starting businesses that will fail or never reach their full potential. A truly successful business is (1) one that is growing – consistently increasing in revenue and profitability, (2) that can function without the owner, (3) and that provides the passive income so that you, the owner, can live the life of your dreams. Unfortunately, very few businesses meet these criteria. And, it normally isn’t for lack of effort. There are so many entrepreneurs who work themselves into poor health, failed marriages, estranged relationships with kids and sometimes multiple bankruptcies, only to find that they are still missing the mark. If hard work alone isn’t going to allow you to realize the small business success that you are working toward, there must be more to it. There are still gaps that need to be filled in. Unfortunately, discovering exactly what those gaps are is a monumental challenge. If it weren’t such a challenge, there probably wouldn’t be a need for this book and many more entrepreneurs would reach the goals that they dream of.

The Ultimate Small Business Guidebook fills in the gaps and reveals the unusual and low-risk secrets to generating predictable revenue, successfully launching new products and services, and developing effective systems for growth and personal freedom. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of noise surrounding the general topic of small business success. It’s noisy because there are so many people who have joined the conversation, written books, and offered training to provide “THE SOLUTION.” Just do a quick Google search on “small business success” or do a quick search on Amazon. The number of results that you will get is astounding. As a matter of fact, while writing I did a Google search and came up with 129,000,000 search results. Results like that are completely overwhelming. This is especially the case when the stakes are so high for you, as a business owner. At best, most people select a few books that help them inch toward success. And, in some cases, great setbacks are caused by listening to the wrong advice. I am all too familiar with some of these setbacks.

I am fortunate to have achieved my dream of becoming a millionaire by the age of 26, just less than four years ahead of my personal goal. But I didn’t do so without a lot of struggle. I know what it is to work so hard that you make yourself sick. I know what it’s like to be so engulfed in business that relationships are damaged. While I do believe in sacrifice, I don’t believe that your most precious relationships should be sacrificed at the altar of success. And, I also know what it’s like to fail and have to file for bankruptcy. So, in many ways, this book is what I would have written to my younger self so that I could avoid the pitfalls of growing a successful business and so that I could grow it much faster.

Most of us are familiar with Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 Principle. If only 20% of what we do in our businesses accounts for 80% of the results, we would all do well to identify and prioritize the most important 20% of activities that will allow us to build the businesses of our dreams. I wrote this book so that you don’t have to continue to work yourself into the ground without getting the

results that you are looking for. I wrote this book to teach you the 20%. I wrote this book to “be what I didn’t see” as a young business owner. My goal is to help you accelerate your path to success while avoiding the pitfalls that so many fall prey to.

The Ultimate Small Business Guidebook will cut through all of the noise and help you discover:

  • The 2 Unusual Secrets that Will Immediately Transform Your Business

  • How to Develop Predictable and Sustainable Revenue

  • How to Avoid the Stress, Wasted Time & Money of Growing Your Small Business

  • How to Develop Business Systems that Allow You to Scale Your Business and Give You Personal Freedom

  • How to Develop a Model to Quickly and Inexpensively Test Any New Business, Product or Service Idea to Ensure that it is Irresistible to Your Market

  • The 7 Secrets of the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

  • So Much More Good Stuff.

Because I want you to hurry and get going, I won’t bore you with too many testimonials. But I will share just one so that you can truly embrace what The Ultimate Small Business Guidebook will do for you. “Ian is one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and small business coaches that I know. Using the principles in this book, he developed an innovative system that allowed me to rapidly grow my company from 6 clinics to 61 clinics nationwide, hiring over 300 people in less than 2 years. This was done with a third of the usual staffing.” - Rich Morgan, President, LightRx Face and Body; he built and sold the largest laser aesthetics company in the world, with over 230 clinics and 1800 employees.


When writing this book, I asked myself if there was only one, concise, practical, step-by-step book in the world that I could read on the topic of small business success, would The Ultimate Small Business Guidebook pass the test? I recognize that I am biased. But, after reading more than 200 other business books, with a clear conscience and sober mind, I’m proud to say that this work would definitely be my small business bible.


Right here in the introduction, allow me to offer just one nugget. As you begin this book, you will quickly learn two secrets that will literally transform the way that you do business. But, before you get there, allow me to share one more secret. Honestly, this secret is so powerful that I wrestled with myself over where I should place it. But, here goes. The transformation that you are seeking will only happen when you take MASSIVE ACTION. Here is the reality: Information alone doesn’t cause transformation. Application is what brings about change. And, this application must be done in an extreme or massive way. So, resist the temptation to delay. Don’t wait! Say yes to yourself and yes to your small business dream. Immediately crack the book open to Chapter 1 so that you can then learn the unusual and low-risk secrets to generating predictable revenue, successfully launching new products and services, and developing effective systems for growth and personal freedom in your business.

Let’s get it!


The Small Business Dream Fulfillment Coach

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